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5 Awesome Swag Bag Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Joe Bass

Joe Bass

Joe Bass is a renowned promotional products specialist and owner of Good Promotional Products, with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. He has helped countless businesses elevate their brand presence and achieve their marketing goals through innovative and strategic promotional campaigns.

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Looking for some swag bag ideas for your next event?

Swag bags. Goodie bags. Favor bags. No matter what you call them, you’ll want to invest in some great products that you’ll recipients will be excited about receiving!

There are plenty of great ideas. These can include water bottles, coffee mugs, laptop cases, coasters, tech accessories, baseball caps, notepads, padfolios, pens, and apparel, among others. No matter your choice, you’ll want to make a lasting impression.

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1.) Swag Bag Ideas for Conferences/Events

First, you’ll want to choose a custom swag bag that is spacious enough, with pockets and plenty of spots for the recipient to keep their belongings in throughout the day or weekend of the event.

For example, this tote has a front slip pocket, pen and business card pockets, a mesh water bottle pocket, and a cell phone pocket on the side. With a swag bag like this, you’re giving your guests lots of room to store whatever they need to, plus, you’re making a lasting impression with your logo and over quality!

Items to include:

While at the event, allow guests to be able to take notes as they listen to keynote speakers. Make this possible by including pens and a notebook in their swag bag. Also be sure to include a water bottle so that they stay hydrated throughout the day.

32 Oz. Wide Mouth Nalgene Sustain Bottle
Tuck-Top Spiral Notebook
Stylus Pens

2.) Swag Bag Ideas for Fitness/Well-Being

If the event is for fitness, you’ll want to give your guests some active-lifestyle items that they can use every day. These may include cooling towels, water bottles, pedometers, athletics socks, and more.

Make your swag bag as convenient as possible for your attendees. For example, this duffel bag features dual carrying handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, a large front pocket with a zipper with dual mesh pockets and a shoe compartment.

Items to include:

There are plenty of items you can include in your fitness duffel bag. We also have golf tournament bags for golfing enthusiasts, as well as other sports promotional bags and swag items. Take a look below for a few ideas:

28 Oz. On The Go Tritan Bottle
Custom Knit Cotton Crew Athletic, Performance, and Sports Socks
Good Value Cooling Towel w/Pouch

3.) Tote Bag Ideas for Parent-Focused Events

Prepping for a parent-focused event? For those who are preparing or are brand new to parenthood, there are plenty of items you can add to your swag bag.

Moms and dads are sure to appreciate lots of pockets for storage. The bag will likely be a great resource for a new parent to store supplies for their baby, such as diapers, lotions, toys, and other accessories. Make your tote bags extra special with a baby-safe stuffed animal!

Items to include:

There are lots of ideas you can incorporate into your new parent/baby swag bags. These may include baby bibs, pacifiers, blankets, and onesies.

4.) Tote Bag Ideas for New Hires

What better way to welcome new members of the team to their job than with a swag bag and goodies to show your appreciation! New hires will enjoy a quality tote bag full of useful items to help prepare them for excellence in their new job.

Make their tote bag or backpack useful with plenty of pockets where they can store personal belongings or their water bottle.

There are plenty of goodies you can include in your new hire bag. These may include a coffee cup, a notebook and pen, a t-shirt with your logo, and other items.

swag bag

5.) Swag Bag Ideas for Hospitality

Win your customers over with a swag bag! Make your bag of goodies extra thoughtful, while also making your brand stick out. Keeping your swag bag a memorable experience is absolutely key.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the items in your hospitality swag bag meet the needs of your guests. Below are a few ideas to help you get started with filling your swag bag!

Items to include:

Don’t know what to add to your swag bag? You can try socks, candy, lip balm, hand sanitizer, eco-friendly items, and more.

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Tips to Keep in Mind:

How do I assemble my swag bags? First, you’ll want to know exactly how you are going to assemble them. You will also want to stay organized.

Here are some key tips for the best organization and plan for your swag bags:


Shopping for the swag bag items may be fun, however, make sure that you are choosing items that work within your budget. Prior to shopping, plan to establish a firm budget, to help you save on time and money in the long run.


Next, ensure you know and understand who your audience is. For example, for new parents, including a bib, baby blanket, or stuffed animal makes sense. Notebooks and pens are great for corporate events or for new hires to take plenty of notes. There’s nothing wrong with a unique item, however, make sure it is audience-appropriate. For best results, create a few personas as a guideline for yourself so that you better understand who your target audience is.


Ensure that you have ordered all your items for the swag bags in a timely fashion, so that everything arrives on time and ready to be assembled for the event. Make sure you allow plenty of time (e.g. you may need to allow for two weeks just in case there are delays in shipping.)

Choose Your Items & Assemble Your Swag Bags!

Once you have made your decisions on swag bag items and the bag you’re choosing to put them in, it’s time to assemble! Order them with your logo to show off your company’s branding. With just the right items, you can make your business stand out and make the right impression.

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