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6 Custom Mug Ideas for Promotional & Gifting

Promotional Custom Mugs

Many American citizens couldn’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee. Statistics show that 150 million Americans overall drink 400 million cups of coffee each day. On average, a person drinks 3.1 cups of coffee daily. As a result, promotional custom mugs and tumblers are a great investment for showing off your branding, or for personalizing with a inspirational, quirky, or punny quote.

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Looking for a unique gift for a coworker? How about a gift for your best friend? Good Promotional Products is your source for promotional mugs. Whether you need several dozen coffee mugs for an event or just one or two to give to friends, there are plenty of options available.

#1 – 11 Oz. Good Value® Vibrant Iridescent Custom Mug

Your imprint will look great on these shiny custom mugs! These 11 oz iridescent mugs will be perfect for any gift or marketing campaign. Customize your personalized mug with your logo of choice.

Iridescent colors include blue, coral red, and white.

#2 – 12 Oz. Two-Tone Ceramic Classic Latte/Coffee Mug

Give as a gift or get clients excited with a two-tone ceramic custom coffee mug when you use these in your next marketing campaign! These 12-oz ceramic mugs are crafted from Ceramic Composite materials and also feature High Curved Grip for easy handling. Customize your custom mugs with your logo of choice!

Available in black, black/blue, black/lime green, black/red, black/yellow, and black/white.

12 Oz, Two-Tone Yellow
12 Oz, Two-Tone Blue
12 Oz, Two-Tone Lime Green
12 Oz, Two-Tone Red

#3 – 14 Oz. Tailgate Ceramic Custom Mug

This tailgate ceramic mug is 14 oz. and is available in a wide range of colors. Use for showing off your brand at your next event, or give as a gift! You can customize your color and logo of choice.

Available in black/gray, black/lime, black/ocn, black/orange, and black/red.

Tailgate Ceramic Mug
Tailgate Ceramic Mug
Tailgate Ceramic Mug

#4 – 16 oz. Iron and Stainless Steel Camping Mug “Home Sweet Home”

This iron and stainless steel custom mug has an enameled, outside coating and holds 16 oz. of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. The mug also has a stainless steel rim and specked finish.

This custom coffee mug comes in red, black, navy blue, blue, teal, green, and white.

Black Mug
Navy Mug
White Mug

#5 – The Roadmaster – 20 oz. Travel Tumbler with Auto Sip Lid

This 20 oz. custom tumbler is available is lots of colors and color combinations. Keep your drink hot or cold. This tumbler can be used safely to drink your coffee without a protective sleeve.

This travel tumbler is available in many colors and color combinations, including red, cyan, lime green, orange, hot pink, royal blue, violet, white, black, marigold, and more.

Cool Beans Tumbler
Cool Beans Tumbler
Cool Beans Tumbler
Cool Beans Tumbler

#6 – 18 Oz. Campfire Bamboo Mug

These cool retro granite design campfire mugs are 18 oz. and are the perfect solution for coffee, tea, and hot cocoa – whether at home or on a camping trip! You customers and guests will love the multiple color options and unique bamboo design.

These custom coffee mugs are available in black, cobalt blue, gray, red, and white.