8 Great Swag Bag Items to Add to Your Giveaway Bag

Joe Bass

Joe Bass

Joe Bass is a renowned promotional products specialist and owner of Good Promotional Products, with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. He has helped countless businesses elevate their brand presence and achieve their marketing goals through innovative and strategic promotional campaigns.

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Looking for ways to promote your brand for your next upcoming tradeshow? While you meet new potential customers, and make a great first impression, you’ll want to invest in some promotional swag bag items to giveaway in your swag bag.

When you attend a trade show, it can give you a unique opportunity to market your brand, differentiate yourself from the competition, and express yourself better through your products and services. Swag bag giveaways help you to better connect with your clients.

Best Swag Bag Item Ideas

Planning your next trade show? You’ll need to figure out what you’ll want to include in your swag bag.

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Some of the best swag bag items you can opt for include tote bags, coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens, and other custom items. The items should have your logo and a variety of colors or customizations that stand out to your attendees so that they can easily remember your conversation. In addition, you’ll want your attendees to find the items useful or practical. Avoid the likelihood of them just tossing your promotional items!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the best swag bag item ideas:

Tote Bags

1.) Tote Bags

Tote bags are a practical addition to your swag bags. Your trade show attendees can carry their giveaway items with ease at one of your events, and when at home they can also use it at home for when they go grocery shopping.

Tote bags are a great choice for showing off your logo, while also being practical for everyday use. Get great prices on tote bags at Good Promotional Products!

Beverage Insulators

2.) Beverage Insulators

Beverage insulators keep drinks nice and cold. This makes them a popular giveaway item to add to your swag bag.

Your trade show attendee may strike up a conversation about your company and brand with their friends during a tailgate party or barbeque, which could spread your brand awareness beyond the trade show itself. Browse our selection of beverage insulators and add to your swag bag!

3.) Travel Mugs & Personalized Water Bottles

Travel mugs and personalized water bottles are always a favorite. They’re practical and useful no matter where you go. When you add a mug or water bottle to your swag bag, you’re giving people a way to not only remember your brand, but also gifting them a practical item that they can use every day for coffee, tea, or water.

If you’re looking for swag bag items, you’ll want to show off your brand and logo with a water bottle or travel mug!

Custom Notebooks

4.) Custom Notebooks

Notebooks are useful for making notes during a trade show or business meeting. When you attendees come to your trade shows and conferences, they’ll likely want to take notes as they learn about your mission and company from keynote speakers. Meet a practical need by allowing your attendees an opportunity to take notes by giving them custom notebooks in their swag bags.

Browse our selection of custom notebooks and add your logo to make a great impression!


5.) Sunglasses

Want a more fun way of connecting with your guests? Sunglasses can come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your attendees’ preferences. They also are a lot of fun to wear and a great for use years down the road in sunny weather.

If you’re looking for a more fun and engaging way to connect with your tradeshow attendees, choose sunglasses and customize with your branding! Shop all our sunglasses to select the styles you need.

6.) Smartphone Accessories, Headphones, USBs, & Other Tech

Tech accessories are some of the best swag bag items to include. Smart phone wallets and stands are a great choice for owners of a iPhone or Android phone. It’s a great choice to show off your brand. Be sure to provide your attendees plenty of color choices to choose from. Other tech items, such as ear buds, headphones, or USB drives are also great choice because of how practical they are on a daily basis. Since this is the age of technology, virtually everyone has a laptop and a need to store their files. USB flash drives provide a practical use – simply get your logo customized on the USB drive and you’re all set!

Browse our accessories to find the perfect tech swag bag items to add!


7.) Pens

Few things are worse than not having a pen on hand when you really need it. Since they are practical for everyday use, you really can’t go wrong with pen(s) as a giveaway item for your swag bag. Your attendees will appreciate having a pen handy to write things down.

At Good Promotional Products, you can get quality engraved custom pens designed with your own engraved or imprinted logo, contact information, etc. so that attendees will remember you and your brand. Get quality engraved custom pens to add to your swag bag!

8.) Apparel with Custom Logo

Your attendees will enjoy a free t-shirt, baseball cap, or sweatshirt with a custom logo. Apparel allows you to easily show off your brand, and your guests will likely enjoy showing it off too! Need some ideas? Read more here about how to use promotion ideas for clothing.

We have many options available to you. Specify how many apparel items you need by size, color, logo customization, etc.

Tips for Packing Your Swag Bag Items

Here are some tips for filling your swag bag with items that will stand out:

  • Be unique! Try to get unique, (and even eccentric) customized swag bag items items to better connect with your attendees. Make a lasting impression with customized items, unexpected items, humor, etc.
  • Memorability. Remember that your conference swag items need to be memorable. It is better to choose items that are are useful or practical for everyday use to make a better impact. Avoid items that will give the impression of cheap “freebies” so that they don’t get tossed right away after the event is over.
  • Go Eco-Friendly. Your items will catch their attention more when they are environment-conscious. This highlights your company’s desire to be responsible in helping to preserve the environment. This will also help your brand to stand out at the event.
  • Choose quality over quantity. Your promotional items will most likely end up in the trash if you opt for flimsy, cheaply-made items. Try to spend a bit more for higher quality items. These will stand out better to your attendees, who may use these items for longer. Better quality items also leave your guests with a better impression of your company.

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Final Thoughts: Know Your Audience

In conclusion, when selecting swag bag items to show off your brand, you’ll want to consider the trade show you’re attending, your guests’ needs and wants, and how you best make an impact. Don’t just settle for cheaply made items. Go for higher quality mugs, pens, apparel, padfolios, unique accessories, tote bags, and other items that your attendees will find useful. Or, make sure that your swag bag items match the interest of your recipients (e.g. make sure golfing items are included in your golf swag bag.)

Consider also the type of trade show you’re attending. For example, if you’re attending a tech trade show, you’ll want to invest in items that are tech-related, such as USB drives, ear buds, headphones, phone accessories, laptop cases, etc. Make sure that your attendees can relate to the giveaway items you include in your swag bag.

Looking for quality swag bag items? Good Promotional Products has lots of products to choose from to make your company logo stand out. Make an impression with useful and interesting items today!

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