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Tee Off Your Business With These Great Personalized Golf Gifts

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Joe Bass

Joe Bass

Joe Bass is a renowned promotional products specialist and owner of Good Promotional Products, with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. He has helped countless businesses elevate their brand presence and achieve their marketing goals through innovative and strategic promotional campaigns.

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Golf is one of those timeless sports where you can conduct business and build connections while also having fun. Better yet, if you can equip yourself, your employees, your clients, and your friends & family with equipment that has your business’s name on it, you’ll be able to increase your brand’s awareness without even trying!

In this article, we’ll help you get out onto the green with some great personalized golf gifts that you’ll be able to put your company’s name on and create a great swag bag. Enjoy!

Golf Gifts Under $5

Golf Tees

One of the easiest and least personalized golf gifts to give is golf tees!

Coming in at $0.057 per unit, you’ll be able to get one of these for all of you without breaking the bank!

They come in six different colors and you can even put them into a nifty swag bagfor your clients as well!

1 - Color Imprinted Plastic Quarter Ball Marker
Ball Marker

Everyone loves it when your whole group is on the green and you’re all trying to putt your ball into the hole.

For only $0.13 per unit, you can give these to your clients so you won’t accidentally hit their ball with yours, and you’ll also give them your company’s logo to look at! Sounds like a total birdie to me!

They come in more than 15 different colors and are so inexpensive, that you can buy enough to even play poker with them after your golf round!


Golf Gifts Under $10

Mega Golf Kit in Zippered Bag

Have you ever been on the golf course and needed a little baggie with a few essential items in it that couldn’t fit anywhere else in your bag? Well, do we have you covered!

This tiny little bag is designed to clip on the outside of your golf bag. It contains 2 bandages, 1 sunscreen packet, 1 divot tool, 6 biodegradable tees, 1 ball marker, and 1 non-aspirin all zipped up inside. You can even put your company’s name and logo on the outside!

At $6.99 per unit, you’ll be able to get your employees something that is not only small, compact, and useful, but it will also represent the company that they work so hard for!

They come in 4 different colors, and you’re still able to put some extra in there too if you want to really splurge on your team.


2 Tone Golf Umbrella – Black/ White (58″ Arc

No matter the weather, make sure to get your clients, employees, and loved ones an umbrella!

This will help your people stay cool under the hot sun, and if there’s ever a rain shower that comes out of nowhere, they’ll be prepared!

At only $8.69 per unit, this is a no-brainer to give to your people. We have the black & white version that you see before you, but we also have numerous other colors that you can find on our main site.

Pick one up for yourself as well! Just make sure to put it in your golf bag otherwise you’ll be kicking sand when you need it the most!


Golf Gifts Under $25

Wilson Fit All Golf Glove

Nobody likes shaking a hand that is covered in blisters, grass clippers, and black soot from your golf club’s grip!

Starting at $18.74, you can get all of your people a golf glove that will protect their hands while they play!

They come in both men’s and women’s sizes and look great with your company’s logo when smacking balls into the stratosphere!


Triple Bogey Golf Kit

If you’re feeling like getting your people a smorgasbord of items, then this is the package to get them!

For only $15.37, you can get your clients and loved ones a bottle opener, collapsible can cooler, poker chip / ball marker, and three Nitro Max Distance golf balls! You can also get all of them with your company’s name and logo on them.

Don’t forget to get yourself one of these!


High Ticket Personalized Golf Gifts

If you really like your people, make sure to hand them one of these so that they can play to the best of their abilities!


Titleist Pro V1

Help your people shoot straight with these pro golf balls.

Their performance and features include long-distance drives, very low long spin, penetrating flight, Drop-and-Stop control, and offer a very soft feel.

For $78.12, you can have your people hitting balls with your name on them!

The best part is, if they ever lose one, then you might be getting a cold lead who’s found your ball calling in asking about your company!

Taylormade 5.0 Select Plus Stand Bag

Keep your people organized on the fairway with his Taylormade golf bag!

The cart-optimized golf bag features a crush-resistant construction with tarpaulin reinforcements. The durable construction also ensures no wearing, tearing, or deformation when using the cart straps.

Get your people a personalized golf bag for $218.75 per unit.

This is a great item for your favorite clients or your brain trust in your organization.


Get Your Team Prepped This Season!

In conclusion, when getting ready for this golf season, make sure that you, your clients, your teammates, and your friends & family are all equipped to perform well with equipment that has your company’s name on it!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, we have thousands of other golf-related products over at our main site, which you can find by using the previous link.

While you’re at it, make sure you check out our Best Custom Golf Tournament Swag Bags article which will show you everything you need to give your next event attendees something to remember you by.

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